How it works?

Our service

Combine the values of reliability and security when purchasing lottery tickets online. Our service includes purchasing official lottery tickets on your behalf, sending an email confirmation with your lucky numbers and login details to enter into your own personal My ELS account where we scan the tickets to, and transferring all winnings, commission-free. In your account you can choose pay-out prize money or to use it for new orders.

100% Safe and Secure

Our website has been developed in a highly secured environment and gives you access to the biggest lotteries in the world. In this secured environment, you will find your lottery tickets in your personal account My ELS. Our website is 100% safe and secured with 256-bit SSL encryption.

Lottery tickets

You can view and manage your lottery tickets by logging into your My ELS account with your own password. Your ticket shows, among other things, your lucky numbers, date of purchase, number of draws and the unique serial number. This lottery ticket, including the order confirmation you received by e-mail, is your proof of participation.

Play form

The Play form can be used in two different ways to order your lottery tickets. Manually or by clicking the button Lucky Dip. After you have selected the lottery and the number of draws, you can fill in your own lucky numbers manually or choose the fast way and click Lucky Dip for random numbers.


You can check the winning lottery numbers on our results page. After the lotto draw, all your winnings will be credited in your My ELS account. Here you can choose to cash out your winnings on to your own bank account or to use your winnings to order new tickets.


After each draw, the prizes will be calculated and credited to your individual prize counter or directly to your bank account, depending on how you have indicated this in your personal settings.